M606 BUS LANE- 2 people

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M606 BUS LANE- 2 people Empty M606 BUS LANE- 2 people

Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 6:44 am

Just a bit of info on the new 2+ lane on the M606 Bradford that joins the eastbound M62.

The signs say that bikes with rider only and cars with 2 or more people in them can use the lane, but Tony brought up an interesting point at the Gemober Party, What about Trikes? can they use the lane or not if they have single occupancy?

Well, our skippies other half had a word with Cheif Womble, and he said, "uh, we didn't think about trikes using the lane, we will have to have a look in to it"

That was a week ago, as soon as I here anything I will put it on here.

So, I think, technically you could use the lane and if you were unluckily enough to get pulled over you could argue the toss that a if bikes can why can't a trike.

When I was younger I had peddles on my trike, now I got me an engine in it!!!!

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