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Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 6:46 am

The EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM TO THE MOTOR VEHICLES (DRIVING LICENCES) (AMENDMENT) REGULATIONS 2008 (2008 No. 508) prepared by the Department for Transport and laid before Parliament and the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments in February this year is quite specific.

3.3 The fee for the practical motorcycle and moped tests will increase from £60.00 to £80.00 (a 33% increase) for tests taken during normal hours on or after 29 September 2008. Fifty percent of this increase (£10.00) relates directly to the introduction of a longer, more demanding test from that date. The balance of the increase reflects the higher cost incurred by DSA in delivering motorcycle tests in general. New manoeuvres introduced at that date will add approximately 10 minutes to the length of each test. This will result in a loss of examiner productivity as examiners will only be able to conduct six tests per day rather than the current seven. The new test will be delivered from a series of specially constructed Multi Purpose Test Centres to allow the manoeuvres to be safely conducted off-road. The fee for an out-of-hours test increases from £70.00 to £92.00 (a 31.4% increase) from 29 September 2008. Extended test fees rise from £120.00 to £160.00 (a 33.3% increase) during normal hours and from £140.00 to £184.00 (a 31.4% increase) for an out-of-hours test from the same date Sad Sad Sad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

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