trailers towed by solo motorcycle's

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trailers towed by solo motorcycle's Empty trailers towed by solo motorcycle''s

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UK legislation was changed in 1984 to allow trailers to be towed by solo motorcycles.

A, Motorcycles must exceed 125 cc
B. Maximum towed weight, including the trailer and it’s load must not exceed 150 Kg. (330 lb.) or two thirds of the motorcycles unladen weight, whichever is least.
C. The Motorcycle must be marked with it’s kerbside weight.
D. Maximum width of the trailer is one metre
E. Maximum length of the trailer is 2.5 metres, measured from the motorcycle rear wheel spindle to the rearmost part of the trailer. The trailer must be marked with it’s unladen weight.
F. The UK speed limit is 60 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.
G. Lighting regulations are the same as other small trailers.
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