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set off at 6.00am as went to asda at 5.00am for some bananas for the hangover i was expecting to get, bit chilly on way over should of put a sweatshirt on some people never learn got there just before 7 put tent up & went to bed got up with everyone else sorted trundeled up to see steph & book in, then hung about waiting for pub to open , tony & linda arived well before mr mac,naughtyboy,rocket ron, scary mary, as they came the senic route,
it was a bit cool with an easterly wind thanks to tony & linda i did not get to cold,
how long does it take to put a tent up? dont think anyone can beat the donny lot ( Laughing ) tony ,linda & me watched them get merry putting their tents up then we went up to the pub for a yorkshire with roast beef MMmmm very nice with a drink then back to see how donny lot were doing Laughing 5hr to put tents up Laughing geordi paul arived with lotti on the combo, with yvonne following down on sat after work with her light up wine glass, had a mooch around the stalls got some chocolate Very Happy had a look around the far canal stall great t shirts mr mac & rocket ron bought some on sat, tony got a lovely pair of gloves for on his trike,
the pubs food van did top quality food all week end at good prices i ate there all weekend & even broke the habbit of a life time & had a full breakfast , dont like being told where i have to spend my money Mad i will always buy from my friends first before someone i dont knowthe beer prices were decent as usual, sat night stayed in the pub,not my favorite band in the marquee but they past the night away for a fair few,i think the best rallys i have been to have been the ones without a marquee & the band inside the snooty fox, i think wild cats got it right with the band in the pub & a gazeebo -tent playing music for the ones on the field,
could not tell you who got what trophys as it was out side & i was at the inside rally so did not get to know what was happening out there beer & midgit gems vodka bit strong this time but nice Laughing .
all in all it was a good week end seeing & partying with old & new friends,
just one last thing i would like to say a big thankyou to all the staff at the snooty fox for the great food & beer all week end & the little chats & jokes see you in july if not before.
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