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Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 7:40 am

Post Admin: edit | delete | spam friday the 13th of june saw me setting of to the gravel rash rally down in lincolnshire cottam at a nice little pub called the moth & lantern,
it started to rain as i set off & didnot stop until i got there but my cheep waterproofs did the job who says you get what you pay for, got there found i had left house keys in garage :? dan & damo found them after a phone call Smile then found i had not brought bike lock Laughing i thought i was doing this one on my own but mr mac & naughty boy rang to say they were going to come down but they got wet through so turned back but rang on sat to say thay were on their way arived about 1.00 then the fun began they beat the record 6 & 1/2 hours to sort tents out,
we met a lot of new friends & some old like paul from wayward vikings, host of the vallhala rally,split links did a great job they got let down by the food van managed to get one for friday night, then saterday they cooked the food the chicken curry was great & so was the rest of the food that they cooked, the band sat was not bad played lots of diferant stuff, as did the disco that was on fri & sat , the moth & lantern in cottam near retford is a nice pub good beer £2.35 a pint john smiths, theakstons. & others shots were less than £2 for a double,
we had a great time with great people & we will go again

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