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Unofficial camping weekend Empty Unofficial camping weekend

Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 7:42 am

Last weekend (june 13th to 15th) we had a little camping weekend over at the Snooty Fox. I was unable to get the until saturday afternoon due to having bodge it yourself to do on saturday morning.

On the way over I ran in to Mick, Caz, Gary and Michelle at the Highwayman Cafe and rode the rest of the way with them. I dont think I did too bad keeping up with them two as they got a bit throttle happy with their bigger considerably newer engines and our daisy only has a little 1300 from 1970 summat. We got a bit wet on the way, must remember to take a spare pair of jeans in future.

When we got there, put up the new house and off all 15 of us went for a very nice carvery for only a fiver. Found some cider in the local co-op, apparently I am a bad influence on Woolie for making him buy cider, guilty as charged your honour.

Back at the Snooty Fox there was a wedding going on, so we did as all good members of Team Sober do, bought the bride and groom a green eyed newt each and proped the bar up for the rest of the night with John providing plently of liquid refreshment.

A good night was had by all (from what I remember), got woken up a bit early by a reliant engine and then realised I forgot the anadin extra, but thankfully Caz had some. Hell hath no fury like fizzy apples and bourbon.

See you in a few weeks John and Ness, cheers for the breakfast, and I think we will need another bottle of Bulleit.

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