Route 64 Rally 27th - 29th June

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Route 64 Rally 27th - 29th June Empty Route 64 Rally 27th - 29th June

Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 7:43 am

left work 4,30 quick shower put gear on set off for the route 64 rally thats what i thought, after replying to bike club e mails i got away at 6.00
thank god i was all packed up ready. the ride over to the snooty fox was ok apart from the 3 morons in cars who would not pull over for the ambulance with its blue lights flashing for over a mile, then the traffic jam at the other side of york glad i was on a bike not a trike, got to malton then the rain started as usual , it stopped when i got to the snooty fox so tent up sorted & up to the pub one yorkshire pud with beef £2 sumat had 4 of them over the week end & forgot the price but cheep & nice a few comented on how resonable the food was & bought from the pub instead of cookin what they had brought,
got talking to a couple from ripon befor we knew it it was 3.30 am & every one had gone & left us,
sat a few went on the ride out including the las who was having a camping week end for her 50th birth day who was over the moon when they took her on the run,
glad i went met some nice people it was a spur of the moment thing do i sit at home or do i go to a rally the rally won hands down,
some pictures in pics2 on the web site.

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