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Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 8:05 am

Greetings from dutch holland,

oooh what an interesting start to my holiday in Holland, lost another oil filler on the A1 if any one see's it can they send it to me pelase, they are starting to cost alot when you buy how may I am.

Then on the way to the ferry I lost mybekt guard on the A19, if anyone see's a blue and orange belt guard froom a VW beetle please return it to me.

Then the fun really started once we got off the ferry, noticed that I was loosing a lot of oil, though it was cos i lost thhe oil filler, got off the ferry and found a meechainc to fix it for no money waht so ever, what a nice chap.

On the road to the camp site I saw a few puff of smoke from the exhaust so we pulled over and saw that it was a lot of smoke, let it cool, refilled it as it had used a litre of oil in 30 miles, ooops. and further 10 ish miles and it happened again so we (i mean Geordie Paul) did a make shift oil change on the side of the duych motorway. did another 35.6 mile and then she died, as of this moment Daisy is DEAD, long live Daisy!!!!. Gunna sort her out in the morning, but by the loooks of it I will be in a hire car for the rest of the holiday.

I will add more as it happens.

When I was younger I had peddles on my trike, now I got me an engine in it!!!!

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