Pay your fine, but, NO POINTS DEDUCTED??

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Pay your fine, but, NO POINTS DEDUCTED?? Empty Pay your fine, but, NO POINTS DEDUCTED??

Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 6:41 am

good if it works ?

Pay your fine, but, NO POINTS DEDUCTED, !!

Read on :-

This is how the points get added to your licence:

If you get a fixed penalty notice through the post which also carries penalty points the computer system first sends you a demand for the cash.

When you ha ve paid, it then sends a demand to return your licence for endorsement.

It cannot handle the licence endorsement and the payment at the same time, and it cannot process the points part of the system until the financial section is complete.

If you overpay the fixed penalty, it must issue and send a refund cheque for the overpayment.

Therefore, overpay the fixed penalty by sending a cheque for the full amount plus £1.

The computer will then automatically generate a refund cheque for the over-payment and send it to you.

**** Do not cash this refund cheque - DUMP IT.

The system then remains 'open' and cannot&nb sp; generate the 'send your licence for endorsement' demand part of the program.

It does, however, record your payment of the fixed penalty, so it does not trigger the 'follow-up unpaid fine' stage.

As there is no human intervention, the system will leave you alone, since it has got your money, which is the primary objective!

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