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Three wheeled vehicles can fall within category B or B1. If the vehicle has three or four wheels and weights more than 550kgs unladen it will fall within category B. Vehicles, which weigh less than 550kgs unladen, will fall within category B1.

The minimum age to drive this class of vehicle is 17.

I should point out that full licences for motor cars (category B) and motorcycles (category A) where the test was passed prior to 1/02/01, also convey full entitlement to drive vehicles of category B1. Drivers who obtained their full category B entitlement before 1 January 1997 will not have category B1 shown on their driving licence.

However, category B1 is shown if the driver has passed a test for a motor tricycle, or holds full category A (prior to 1/02/01) entitlement only, or passed a category B (motorcar) test after 1 January 1997.

Please note that as from 1st February 2001 category B1 entitlement is no longer given when passing a category A test.

Provisional licence holders are of course subject to the provisional licence conditions and these are explained on the back of the driving licence.

There is an exemption from the need to be supervised by a qualified driver, when driving a vehicle included in category B1 which is constructed to carry only one person and not adapted to carry more than one person

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