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Post  Admin on Sun May 24, 2009 8:04 am

well of we went to sunny cumbria nice steady ride oh yes we met every moron on the road from leeds to egramont & every set of road works, in cumbria we got followed by the police helicopter, shame they have nothing better to do, then the detours started & we had to do one when some idiot came flying down the road & hit a highways wagon head on road blocked great it was only 4 vehicles in front of us they did not apreciate when i said to 1 woman at least they hit the wagon,
if not it would have taken out at least 2 of the cars & there would of been more injured, the amount of pubs in egramont is astonishing + 2 chinese within 3 doors of each other the one we went in was very nice,
the rally site was a nice size met some of the usual suspects & a few new ones, some good stalls & the club had to go get more fosters & john smiths sat morning, the band were good i think they were called the thursdays, Smile
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